ardakio2 - First Impression EP (2017)

This is a experimental music, it's a recopilation of some parts of different projects, some of these maybe can be already on this year, maybe have some changes in a nearl future but i don't know and not care.
I thing that this is a "atmospheric experimental post black", "experimental blackened", "piano composition" and "experimental".
ardakio2 - First Impression (México) Released: 10/06/2017 1.-Forgotten And Gone
2.-Gates Are Open/Come On To Your New Home
3.-The Beauty Before Awake
4.-Till' The Dawn...
5.-Slowly We Are Forgotten
Soon available on Bandcamp.
All is composed by ardakio2.
Cover ("Heart") by ardakio2.
Thanks to my mother, to these fucking piece of shit of my ex (was really helpful in the process but actually i fucking hate you), to my brother and some friends, to my insomnia and my lovely pichos (cats, yeah, you too). 
Thanks to everybody that listened the EP although they did not like it.
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